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  • Evaluate applications for Manufacturing licences, tax incentives and expatriate posts;
  • Conduct specific project missions (SPM) and Facts Finding Missions abroad to attract foreign investment;
  • Conduct domestic specific project missions (DSPM) to encourage expansion/diversification by the local players and continuous engagement with captains of the industry to develop the industry and its ecosystem;
  • Organise specific seminars and conferences;
  • Organise briefing and dialogue with relevant industry associations to identify the roadblocks, direction and development of the industry;
  • Identify and promote industries with potential for development in Malaysia;
  • Monitor the development of approved projects; and
  • Handle specific enquiries relating to industry.

Contact Information

Machinery and Metals Division

Level 28, MIDA Sentral
No.5, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2267 6674
Fax: 03 2273 4190
E-mail: [email protected]

Vasu Nallayan
Sr. Deputy Director03 2267 3516vasu
Elmy Marina Mohamad Khamis
Deputy Director03 2267 6706elmy
Noorzita Mohamad Nor
Deputy Director03-2263 2438noorzita
Ruzlisham Mat Diah
Deputy Director03-2267 6648ruzlisham
Wong Tiang Sing
Deputy Director03-2267 6738wongts
Ezlin Omar Baki
Sr. Assistant Director03 2267 3551ezlin
Shahrul Halim Sohor
Sr. Assistant Director03-2267 3665shalim
Sudiana Muhamad Nawati
Sr. Assistant Director03-2267 6704sudiana
Roshafuraniza Rosli
Sr. Assistant Director03 2267 3447raniza
Herni Hamzah
Assistant Director03 2267 6683herni
Hishamuddin Hashim
Assistant Director03 2267 3693hishamuddin
Mohd Khuzairie Mohd Taufik
Assistant Director03 2263 2556khuzairie
Muhammad Azizul Atfi Adnan
Assistant Director03-2267 6649azizul
Muhammad Haikal Samsudin
Assistant Director03 2267 6698haikal
Nik Mohd Ikram Nik Mohd Azami
Assistant Director03 2267 3688NikIkram
Mohd Fazrin Fauzi
Assistant Director03-2267 3624fazrin
Ahmad Nazarudin Mohd Khairudin
Assistant Director03-2267 6689nazarudin
Chrisendra Christopher
Assistant Director03-2267 6679chrisendra
Lina Hazwani Jamaluddin
Assistant Director03-2267 6703lina
Muhammad Shazeli Ab Gani
Assistant Director03-2263 2576shazeli
Mohd Shahmiy Abd Jalil
Assistant Director03-2267 3652shahmiy
Nurul Aini Md Khairi
Personal Assistant03-2267 6674nurulaini


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