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  • Plan,develop and implement application system to support MIDA's core business;
  • Plan, implement and manage IT infrastructure including network and security at HQ;Overseas Offices and State Offices;
  • Provide technical support services related to IT infrastructure and application system to MIDA internal and external clients;
  • Plan and manage the development and implementation of IT strategies, policies and governance.

Contact Information

Information Technology System Development Division 

Level 22, MIDA Sentral
No.5, Jalan Stesen Sentral 5
Kuala Lumpur Sentral
50470 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 2267 3738
Fax: 03 2273 5906
E-mail: [email protected]

Ahmad Zakuan Ghazali
Director03-2267 3740zakuan
Norashimah Saripan
Deputy Director03-2267 3739norashimah
Syafinaz Ramle
Deputy Director03-2267 3714syafinaz
Annie Thalina Abu Bakar
Deputy Director03-2267 3732annie
Nurul Aidila Husin
Sr. Assistant Director03-2267 3715aidila
Salina Shaharizah M.Sahat
Sr. Assistant Director03-2267 3734salina
Hartinah Ghazali
Sr. Assistant Director03-2267 3735hartinah
Musamihah Mustafa
Sr. Assistant Director03-2267 3717musamihah
Norehan Sakan
Assistant Director03-2267 3716norehan
Fariz Bukhori Ahmad Tarmizi
Assistant Director03-2267 3722farizbukhori
Muhammad Nizam Roselee
Assistant Director03-2267 3669muhammadnizam
Arniza Zakaria
Assistant Director03-2267 3668arniza
Norazreen Jamil
Assistant Director03-2267 3742norazreen
Mohd Fahmi Md Yahya
Assistant Director03-2263 2577mfahmi
Mohd Faried Mohmin
Assistant Director03-2267 3731faried
Marina A.Rahim
Assistant Director03-2267 3736marina
Arif Affendi Che Hamid
Assistant Director03-2267 3679arifaffendi
Yatim Ahmad
Sr. Asst. Executive03-2267 3720atim
Norhana Mohammad
Sr. Asst. Executive03-2267 3737norhana
Munaidayati Ali Musa
Sr. Asst. Executive03-2267 3719munaidayati
Muhammad 'Izzat Salim
Asst. Executive03-2267 3792izzat
Muhd Shahril Abd Aziz
Asst. Executive03-2267 3724muhdshahril
Maser Mazalan
Asst. Executive03-2267 3765maser
Muhammad Shukran Ghanim
Asst. Executive03-2267 3712shukran
Mohamad Arif Hakimi Ghazale
Asst. Executive03-2267 3744arifhakimi
Mohammad Radzie Hashim
Asst. Executive03-2267 3743mradzie
Nur Haziqah Sahlan
Asst. Executive03-2267 3745haziqah
Noor Amezi Amer
Asst. Executive03-2267 3617amezi
Tengku Shahriman Tengku Kechik
Asst. Executive03-2267 3718shahriman
Mohd Nor Izuan Ibrahim
Asst. Executive03-2267 3729izuan
Raja Nurul Fazliana Raja Ibrahim
Personal Assistant03-2267 3419rajanurul


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