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May 2019 Issue

Our Journey in Malaysia : VAT Group AG

VAT began work on its Malaysia facility in Penang in 2013 as part of its long-term strategy to move closer to its customers, improve access to its largest market, globalise its business model and give the company more flexibility in its production capacity, cost structure and supply chain. When the project was officially completed, and the plant made fully operational in July 2018, the company could point to one of its biggest successes.

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April 2019 Issue

Our Journey in Malaysia : C. Steinweg Group

Founded in 1847 in the Port of Rotterdam, C. Steinweg is one of the world's leading warehousing and logistics service providers, with a long heritage of expertise in the commodity trade. With a vast network of 110 offices on every major continent, the Group has grown into a truly multinational company with close to 7 Million m2 of space and 20 km length of quay, handling over 25 million metric tons of various commodities annually.

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