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May 2019 Issue

The Gaming Industry: A New Game of Growth

The Gaming Industry evolved from a group of young developers into a billion-dollar industry, and with the exponential growth of technology, the trend of playing games has grown from being played on PCs and mobiles, to consoles and virtual reality (VR). A global leader in eSports, games, and mobile intelligence, Newzoo is the leading market intelligence from the Netherlands since the year 2007. It has a partnership with giant tech companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Warner Bros, Google, Razer and many others. Newzoo has also highlighted in its 2018 Global Games Market Report that the global games market is expected to grow from USD151.9 billion in 2019 to approximately USD180.1 billion in 2021.

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April 2019 Issue

Sports Tourism Has Significant Economic Potential

Globally, sports tourism is  recognised as one of the upcoming tourism markets with significant economic potentials. In Malaysia, it is an important income generator in the tourism industry, contributing approximately RM5 billion annually and is supported by a broad global audience as sporting events usually attract domestic and international participants. Revenue generated ranges from accommodations, food and beverages, ticket/gate sales, sponsorships, media rights to merchandising and garment production.

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Last Updated : Tuesday 25th June 2019