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As the execution agency for the nation’s investment agenda, MIDA focuses on generating quality investments in new and emerging technologies that are necessary to become a high income nation. MIDA is also looking at ways to rebrand Malaysia’s image as a centre for high technology and global activities. 

To meet the national investment agenda, MIDA has been tasked with enhancing coordination and cohesion among the regional corridors and others agencies in the country on matters related to investment promotion.

Incentives Information Portal (i-Incentives)

I-incentives is a portal that provides information on incentives offered by the Malaysian Federal Government.

Incentive Coordination & Collaboration Office (ICCO) has been established in MIDA with the aims to improve the central coordination of all incentive offerings. This initiative is to enhance the effectiveness of the government’s incentive mechanism by increasing transparency, eliminating duplication and linking to performance.

Visit i-Incentive portal at https://incentives.mida.gov.my


General Guidelines & Facilities

Manufacturing Sector

Last Updated : Friday 15th December 2017