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12 April 2018 - Trade war is risk for export-led Southeast Asia, World Bank says
  1. More The World Bank warned that a trade war between the US and China will hurt economies in Southeast Asia since they rely on exports for growth
12 April 2018 - ADB sees 6pc growth for developing asia
  1. More Higher forecast due to pick-up in global export demand
11 April 2018 - Pledge to cut tariffs, boost market access
  1. More China may raise foreign ownership limit in automobile, shipbuilding, aircraft sectors
11 April 2018 - Robots and AI are available everywhere
  1. More But where is the productivity growth?
11 April 2018 - China’s Xi pledges greater openness amid Trump trade dispute
  1. More Xi reiterates pledge to reduce import tariffs on vehicles amid trade spats with US
10 April 2018 - Analyst view: China's Xi promises to open economy, lower tariffs
  1. More Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday promised to open the country’s economy further and lower import tariffs on products including cars, in a speech that struck a conciliatory tone amid rising trade tensions between China and the United States
10 April 2018 - Xiaomi pushes for suppliers to invest in India
  1. More Move by smartphone maker could potentially create 50,000 local jobs
10 April 2018 - Cities running on car batteries? Just so crazy it might work
  1. More When Damien Maguire moved to the countryside outside Dublin, he struggled to keep the lights on at home because of the town’s constant power outages. He found a solution inside his electric cars: their batteries
09 April 2018 - Wages too high in Europe’s Eastern workshop
  1. More Countries need to up-skill workers to match higher salaries as region faces skills shortage
09 April 2018 - Saudi sees chemical, oil-refining bonanza along US gulf coast
  1. More Saudi Arabia signalled its intent to expand chemical production along the US Gulf Coast and potentially double the size of North America’s biggest oil refinery
09 April 2018 - Dutch rolls out 'orange carpet'
  1. More Lobbyists urges firms leaving Britain to pick Rotterdam or Amsterdam as base
07 April 2018 - US$100b more extra tariffs
  1. More Trump threatens additional measures but Beijing vows to fight back 'at any cost'
06 April 2018 - S-E Asia wary of fallout but 'impact minimal for now'
  1. More Policymakers across Southeast Asia are bracing for fallout from United States-China trade war, turning their focus on bolstering their domestic markets to cushion the blow
05 April 2018 - Beijing strikes back
  1. More China responds with own list of duties on US goods including planes, cars and beef
05 April 2018 - Vestas taps car battery know-how for power storage
  1. More The output from solar and wind is very intermittent and we need to even that out
05 April 2018 - US-China trade war escalates
  1. More Asian markets see red as both countries unveil new tariff lists
04 April 2018 - Manufacturing boom slows but still robust
  1. More The eurozone's manufacturing boom stumbled for a third month last month as optimism waned and demand ebbed, a survey showed yesterday, but output remained robust and expansion was still broadbased across the region
04 April 2018 - US tariff list aims at technology China wants to dominate
  1. More The US proposed imposing 25% tariffs on about US$50 billion worth of Chinese-made products, focusing on high-tech items from semiconductors to lithium batteries while seeking to minimize the impact on American consumers
04 April 2018 - IMF's Lipton says it's time for China to address trade concerns
  1. More The Chinese government needs to take steps to address global concerns about the nation’s trade policies, said a top official at the International Monetary Fund
04 April 2018 - China vows to respond to new US duties
  1. More China will respond to any tariffs imposed by the United States against alleged violations of intellectual property rights with the same proportion, scale and intensity, said its US ambassador Cui Tiankai
04 April 2018 - Saudi push to be solar powerhouse
  1. More US$200b plan driven by key incentive to free up more oil reserves for export
03 April 2018 - China largest consumer of semicon packaging equipment and materials with US$29b revenue in 2017, says SEMI
  1. More China is now the world’s largest consumer of packaging equipment and materials, driven by heavy government investment, intergrated circuit (IC) packaging and testing in China which generated US$29 billion in revenue in 2017, according to the U.S.-based Semiconductor Equipment and Material International’s (SEMI) recent China Semiconductor Packaging Industry Outlook report
03 April 2018 - Sparks of trade war fly
  1. More China hammers US goods with tariffs of up to 25%
03 April 2018 - Japan’s business mood sours for first time in two years
  1. More Depending on development of US trade policy, protectionism could weigh on the outlook
30 March 2018 - Vietnam’s agriculture, manufacturing help drive GDP growth
  1. More Vietnam’s economy posted its strongest first quarter growth in 10 years, expanding 7.38% annually in JanuaryMarch and backed by strong growth in manufacturing and agriculture, the country’s statistics office said
30 March 2018 - China cuts tax rates for chipmakers amid trade tensions
  1. More China's finance ministry said on Friday it has introduced new tax breaks and exemptions for firms making semiconductors, seeking to limit dependence on foreign chips amid trade tensions with the United States over technology transfers
30 March 2018 - China plans merger of shipbuilders to create behemoth
  1. More China’s government is working on a plan to combine its two biggest shipbuilders to create an industrial giant that would dwarf its South Korean rivals, according to people with knowledge of the matter
29 March 2018 - China to cut VAT tax rates for manufacturing and other sectors: state media
  1. More China will lower the value-added tax rate on the manufacturing, transportation, construction, telecommunication and agricultural sectors from May 1, state radio reported, citing a cabinet meeting
29 March 2018 - Saudi and SoftBank plan world’s largest solar project
  1. More US$200bil Saudi desert development to produce 200GW
29 March 2018 - US targeting ‘Made in China 2025’ plan
  1. More Trump mulling curbs on 10 strategic industries that Beijing aims to dominate this century
29 March 2018 - Singapore boasts it's beating Hong Kong to be Asian business hub
  1. More Hong Kong has become more “China-centric,” enabling Singapore to take the lead when multinational companies look to set up their Asian headquarters in the region, according to the country’s Economic Development Board
28 March 2018 - Nissan giving second life to costly EV batteries
  1. More At a small plant intended to help revitalise a town ravaged by the 2011 earthquake, Nissan Motor Co is giving its costly electric vehicle (EV) batteries new life after they pass their peak performance
27 March 2018 - US and South Korea revise trade deal
  1. More Automakers win improved market access
27 March 2018 - Singapore pharma on recovery path
  1. More Pharmaceuticals manufacturing expected to be robust in 2018
27 March 2018 - China draws up plans to promote standardization in electric vehicles
  1. More China said it will work to improve levels of standardization in its electric vehicle industry - a sector it is aggressively promoting to help combat smog and to position the country as a leading car-making giant in the future
26 March 2018 - Beijing promises fiscal reforms
  1. More Minister says government will reduce value added tax for manufacturing and transportation sector, review budget management
26 March 2018 - U.S. agrees to exempt South Korea from steel tariffs, but imposes import quota - South Korea
  1. More The United States has agreed to exempt South Korea from steel tariffs, South Korea’s trade ministry said on Monday, instead imposing a quota on steel imports as the two countries renegotiate a trade deal sharply criticized by U.S. President Donald Trump
24 March 2018 - New tariff on US$60b China imports
  1. More Trump says move is US retaliation against 'theft' of American intellectual property
23 March 2018 - EU digital tax may be post Brexit windfall
  1. More Levy targeting US tech giants could benefit economic bloc, fill void left by UK's departure
22 March 2018 - China's Geely bets on overseas acquisitions to fuel growth
  1. More Billionaire Li Shufu's Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd expects the tycoon's overseas bets from Daimler to Lotus and Volvo to help fuel growth as the Chinese carmaker targets new markets
22 March 2018 - EU unveils new digital tax plan
  1. More Proposal set to affect revenue from digital advertising, paid subscriptions and selling of personal data
20 March 2018 - US$2b infusion for Lazada
  1. More Long time Alibaba executive will be also take over as CEO of S-E Asian e-commerce giant
20 March 2018 - Lack of deal can hurt UK aerospace industry
  1. More Britain's aerospace industry would be badly damaged if the country leaves the European Union without a free trade deal and any divergence from EU rules would be "utterly self defeating", said a committee of lawmakers
19 March 2018 - Australia, ASEAN agree to start regional infrastructure cooperation
  1. More Australia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) agreed during a weekend summit in Sydney to establish a regional infrastructure pipeline, Australia’s foreign minister said, as the bloc seeks to balance rising Chinese influence
17 March 2018 - Australia, ASEAN back free trade
  1. More You don't grow stronger by closing the door to other markets, says Turnbull
15 March 2018 - Tariffs on US$60b of China imports?
  1. More US may broaden list to 100 products and restrict investments
14 March 2018 - Finland boosts influence on Nokia with US$1 billion investment
  1. More Finland's state investment arm has spent about 844 million euros (US$1.04 billion) on building a 3.3 percent stake in Nokia, strengthening national influence over the telecom network gear maker
14 March 2018 - Trump blocks Broadcom bid
  1. More President cites national security concerns in barring proposed US$117b acquisition
14 March 2018 - E.U. hits back at Trump
  1. More Brussels announces list of US products that can be slapped with countermeasures
10 March 2018 - Trump rolls out tariffs
  1. More But Nafta partners Canada and Mexico exempted for now
10 March 2018 - Signed, sealed, delivered
  1. More CPTPP aims to slash tariffs among 11 members, foster trade
08 March 2018 - Trump to authorize tariffs as White House opens way for more exemptions
  1. More The White House raised the possibility on Wednesday that impending hefty U.S. tariffs on steel and aluminum imports could exclude a clutch of countries besides Canada and Mexico as President Donald Trump looked set to authorize the measures as early as Thursday
08 March 2018 - Lagarde says nobody wins a trade war
  1. More IMF chief says US import tariffs could hit global growth
08 March 2018 - EU signals mounting concern over Trump tariffs
  1. More ​The European Union voiced mounting concern over US President Donald Trump’s plan to impose punitive import tariffs, as Germany signalled alarm over the resignation of pro-trade Trump adviser Gary Cohn in an emerging trans-Atlantic dispute over protectionism
08 March 2018 - Rolls-Royce powers back
  1. More More restructuring on the card after cost cuts snap earnings decline
07 March 2018 - Chinese EV battery giant zeroes in on its first European factory
  1. More The Chinese supplier of electric-vehicle batteries that’s planning a local factory with enough capacity to surpass the output of Tesla Inc has set its sights further – Europe
06 March 2018 - Trump's tariff threat on European cars could spell big trouble for Germany
  1. More The war of words between President Donald Trump and the EU could lead to some serious pressure on the German auto industry, one expert told CNBC
06 March 2018 - Trump suggests Canada, Mexico could win tariff exemption
  1. More US President Donald Trump on Monday appeared to suggest that Canada and Mexico could win exemptions to his planned sweeping tariffs on steel and aluminum if the two countries sign a new NAFTA trade deal and take other steps
06 March 2018 - Toyota to spend US$2.8bil for self-driving car software
  1. More Company seeking edge over rival car giants and newcomers
06 March 2018 - China adds Brunei to new silk road as Western banks leave
  1. More Investments to rise as Beijing ramps up its Belt and Road initiative
03 March 2018 - Trump move sparks anger
  1. More 'Furious' US allies warn of retaliatory measures as stock markets plunge
03 March 2018 - EU will react firmly to confrontation
  1. More The European Union "will react firmly" to defend its interests against steep United States trade tariffs on steel and aluminium, said European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker
02 March 2018 - Singapore semiconductor growth to ease this year
  1. More Singapore’s semiconductor output growth in 2018 would probably moderate compared with last year’s strong expansion, amid recent signs of softening in global demand for mobile devices, the head of a local semiconductor industry group said
02 March 2018 - Beijing targets 200b yuan for new vehicle
  1. More China's government aims to raise as much as 200 billion yuan (RM123.87 billion) to invest in homeground chip companies and accelerate its ambition of building a world class semiconductor industry, said people familiar with the matter
01 March 2018 - India regains status as fastest growing major economy
  1. More India regained its status as the world's fastest growing major economy in the October-December quarter, surpassing China for the first time in a year, as government spending, manufacturing and services all picked up
01 March 2018 - Huawei consumer chief: Only a few phone makers will survive
  1. More The smartphone industry is bound to consolidate as the heavy investments required to remain competitive mean that, in the long-run, only a handful of firms can make money, the consumer chief of China’s Huawei Technologies said
01 March 2018 - Cooling wind from trade amid Lunar New Year pause
  1. More Manufacturing purchasing managers index falls in February
28 February 2018 - Hong Kong unveils expansionary budget, push into innovative industries
  1. More Hong Kong unveiled short-term relief measures and capital spending initiatives to sustain growth in an expansionary budget on Wednesday that carried hefty strategic spending to try to bolster the city's innovation industries
28 February 2018 - Thailand weighs benefits of joining trade pact Trump ditched
  1. More Thailand is considering applying to join the 11-nation trade deal that was to originally include the US, but was abandoned by President Donald Trump on his first day in office
27 February 2018 - Geely covets Daimler tech with US$9-bil stake
  1. More Shares surge as investors cheer Geely’s efforts to forge alliance
27 February 2018 - China spends $279 bln on R&D in 2017 - science minister
  1. More China's total spending on research and development is estimated to have hit 1.76 trillion yuan ($279 billion) last year, China's science minister said on Monday, a year-on-year increase of 14 percent
27 February 2018 - IMF chief says growth strong but countries must prepare for change
  1. More International Monetary Fund Managing Director Christine Lagarde said on Tuesday the global economy was showing broad-based growth, but the landscape was shifting with heightened risks of trade disputes, monetary policy normalisation and technological change
27 February 2018 - Mumbai home to world's highest paid expats
  1. More Go East, expatriate looking to make the big bucks
26 February 2018 - Naza and Carmaker PSA sign deal to produce PSA cars for Asia Reuters
  1. More French carmaker PSA and Naza Corp have signed a deal to jointly produce PSA-branded cars for Malaysia and other Asian markets, as part of plans by the owner of Peugeot to boost its presence in the region
26 February 2018 - Apple, autos add fresh impulse to world economy as capex spreads
  1. More Companies across the developing world are stepping up investment to meet rising demand from industrial economies in what’s shaping up as a further spur to already buoyant global growth
26 February 2018 - BAIC and Daimler to Build $1.9 Billion China Plant
  1. More BAIC Motor Corp. and Daimler AG plan to build a new factory in China for Mercedes-Benz vehicles to meet growing demand as the German automaker deepens its ties with the country
26 February 2018 - More Chinese agriculture firms set to venture into Asean
  1. More The increasingly close cooperation between China and Asean will spur more Chinese agricultural enterprises to make their foray into the region moving forward
23 February 2018 - UK economy lags behind G7 after 2017 growth rate cut
  1. More Britain’s economy was weaker than previously thought in 2017, official data showed, leaving the country lagging further behind the global recovery as it prepares to leave the European Union (EU)
22 February 2018 - GM offers US$2.8bil new plan for South Korea unit
  1. More General Motors Co has offered a US$2.8bil new investment plan for its South Korean business after threatening to exit the country amid mounting losses, a lawmaker from the nation’s ruling party said
22 February 2018 - Rise of tech giants may be bad news for economy
  1. More ​When it comes to competition, the Banque de France is here to tell you your economics textbook was right
22 February 2018 - Apple in talks to buy cobalt direct from miners
  1. More iPhone maker wants to ensure it will have enough of battery ingredient
21 February 2018 - We remain open for business
  1. More Singapore remains a competitive destination for businesses even though it's raising taxes and maintaining some restrictions on foreign workers, said Minister for Trade and Industry S. Iswaran
21 February 2018 - Indonesia foregoing billions in investment, says US
  1. More Indonesia is foregoing billion of dollars on offer from American companies eager to invest in Southeast Asia's biggest economy, said United States ambassador to Indonesia, Joseph Donovan
20 February 2018 - Singapore plans 9pc GST
  1. More New rate will take effect 'some time' between 2021 and 2025
20 February 2018 - Thailand posts 4pc growth
  1. More Thailand's economy posted its strongest growth in five years last year, with solid exports and tourism giving the government confidence to maintain the country's growth outlook for this year
19 February 2018 - Japan manufacturers' mood worsens as yen rises - Reuters Tankan
  1. More Confidence among Japanese manufacturers worsened significantly in February from January's strong reading, the Reuters Tankan poll showed on Monday, suggesting the yen's strength and global stock market turmoil have undermined business sentiment
19 February 2018 - China flooded U.S. with solar panels
  1. More Fourth-quarter deliveries almost 11 times higher than in first nine month of 2017
19 February 2018 - Beijing keep right to retaliate against proposed tariffs
  1. More China said proposed United States tariffs on imported steel and aluminium products are groundless and that it reserves the right to retaliate if they are imposed
19 February 2018 - Amazon turning to healthcare?
  1. More Retailer announces tie-up with Buffet and JPMorgan Chase chief on medical system for employees
16 February 2018 - In free trade U-turn, Modi raises India’s import duties
  1. More Move is setting the stage for a protracted trade war
14 February 2018 - Singapore 4Q GDP growth slows as manufacturing contracts
  1. More Singapore's economy grew slower than initially thought in the fourth quarter from the third, as manufacturing activity slumped in a sign of moderating momentum this year as exports of the city state's key tech products taper off
14 February 2018 - Japan posts longest growth streak since bubble economy
  1. More Japan's economy posted its longest continuous expansion since the 1980s boom as fourth quarter growth was boosted by consumer spending, and moved Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's revival plan another step closer to vanquishing decades of stagnation
14 February 2018 - GM to shut South Korea plant
  1. More Move is part of carmaker's drive to restructure Asian business operations
14 February 2018 - Asia's soaring gas demand opens window for new LNG projects
  1. More Soaring gas demand from China, India and Southeast Asia is sucking up an LNG supply glut previously expected to last for years, opening opportunity for new production from East Africa to North America that had been deemed part of the overhang
14 February 2018 - Apple in talks for first order with a Chinese chipmaker
  1. More A deal with Yangtze Memory will mark milestone in China's tech development
13 February 2018 - BAE proposes UK govt financing to Malaysia for Typhoon jet deal
  1. More BAE Systems will provide Malaysia a UK government-backed financing deal if it decides to replace its fleet of combat jets with the Eurofighter Typhoon, senior company officials said
13 February 2018 - GM to shut South Korean plant, more cuts could follow
  1. More General Motors Co said it will close one of its four plants in South Korea and incur an US$850 million impairment charge as part of a restructuring of its money-losing business in Asia's fourth-biggest economy
13 February 2018 - Singapore may unveil e-commerce tax in budget
  1. More City-state seen leading race to tax US$38bil shopping boom
13 February 2018 - Asia paying top dollar for LNG
  1. More Big demand for gas sucking supplies from surprising places
12 February 2018 - Alibaba to buy stake in furnishing chain
  1. More Alibaba Group Holding Ltd plans to buy a 15% stake in a chain of Chinese home improvement and furniture stores as part of its pushing into “new retail,” the company said

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