Forms & Guidelines for Manufacturing Sector


AApplication for Manufacturing License and/or Pioneer Status / Investment Tax Allowance and/or Expatriate Posts
  1. NEW FORM ICA/JA-1 (ED:1/9/2017)New Manufacturing Project
  2. NEW FORM ICA/JA-2 (ED:1/9/2017)Expansion and/or Diversification Project by a Licensed Manufacturer or by an Existing Non-Licensed Manufacturer
  3. NEW FORM ICA/JA-3 (ED:1/9/2017)High Technology / Strategic Project for New Manufacturing Activity
  4. NEW FORM ICA/JA-4 (ED:1/9/2017)High Technology / Strategic Project for Expansion and/or Diversification
  5. FORM ICA/JA-5New Agricultural / Integrated Agricultural Project
  6. FORM ICA/JA-6Expansion and/or Diversification of an Existing Agricultural / Integrated Agricultural Project
  7. GuidelinesSmall Scale Manufacturing Company
    • FORM IK/JA-1Incentives and/or Expatriate Posts
    • FORM IK/JA-2Incentives and/or Expatriate Posts for Diversification / Expansion
  8. GuidelinesCommercialisation of Public Sector R&D Findings in Resource-based and Non Resource-based Industries
    • FORM ICA(C)/JA-8Manufacturing Licence and/or Incentive for Commercialisation of R&D Findings and/or Expatriate Posts
    • FORM CRDDeduction under the Income Tax Act, 1967 for Investment in a Subsidiary Company given Approval to Undertake Commercialisation of R&D Findings
  9. FORM ICA 9Duplicate Manufacturing Licence
  10. FORM R&D/JA2 | GuidelinesInvestment Tax Allowance of 50% and/or Expatriate Posts for In-house Research and Development
  11. FORM R&D/JA6 | Guidelines Investment Tax Allowance of 50% of Reinvestment for In-House Research & Development / Expatriate Post
  12. Guidelines Applications of Incentives for Production of Halal Food
BApplication for Permit Under the Petroleum Development Act, 1974
CApplication for Confirmation Letter for a Company Exempted from Manufacturing Licence under the Industrial Coordination Act, 1975
DApplication to Sell Products in Domestic Market by a FIZ / LMW Status Company
EApplication for Tariff Protection or Review of Tariff Protection
FApplication for Duty Exemption
  1. GuidelinesImport Duty Exemption on Machinery and Equipment
  2.  GuidelinesImport Duty Exemption on Raw Materials and Components
  3. Duty Exemption by Manufacturing Companies in Free Industrial Zone (FIZ) / Licensed Manufacturing Warehouses (LMW) For Sale to Principal Customs Area.

    "Effective from 1 January 2011, all applications for duty exemptions by manufacturing companies in Free Industrial Zones (FIZ) / Licensed Manufacturing Warehouses (LMW) for sale of their finished goods to Principal Customs Area should be submitted directly to the Royal Malaysian Customs Department / nearest Customs station."
  4. Form PC 5 | GuidelinesIndirect Export of Finished Products to Local Companies Granted Import Duty Exemption on Raw Materials and Components for Export of Finished Products
  5. Form PC 6 | Form PC 6-1 | GuidelinesImport Duty Exemption on Raw Materials, Components and/or Semi-Finished Products for Owners of Malaysian Brand Names in Outsourcing Manufacturing Activities
GApplication for Confirmation Letter by a Company which Manufacturers Promoted Products under the Promotion of Investment Act, 1986 to Claim for Accelerated Capital Allowance (ACA) under the Income Tax Act, 1967
  1. FORM ICA/JA-1 New Manufacturing Project
  2. FORM ICA/JA-2 Expansion and/or Diversification Project by a Licensed Manufacturer or by an Existing Non-Licensed Manufacturer
  3. FORM ICA/JA-3 High Technology / Strategic Project for New Manufacturing Activity

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