Basic Metal Products

Malaysia's basic metal industries, which include the iron & steel industries and the non-ferrous metal industries, have seen significant developments since the last three decades in tandem with the country's industrial development.

Iron & Steel

The Malaysian iron & steel industries sector cover the primary steel products like direct reduced iron, hot briquetted iron, blooms/slabs and steel billets and a very wide range of down stream flat and long products like hot rolled coils, cold rolled coils, coated steel coils, roofing sheets, steel pipes and sections, steel billets, steel bars, wire rods, wire mesh, hard drawn wires, galvanised wires, steel wire ropes, steel wire products, stainless steel pipes/pipes fittings and stainless steel wire and fasteners. There are currently 2,190 projects producing these products with total employment of 160,131 workers.

The iron & steel industries provide an important linkage for the supply of basic raw materials and components to other sectors of the Malaysian economy, especially the construction industry, electrical/electronic industry, automotive industry, furniture industry, machinery industry and engineering fabrication industry.

Non-Ferrous Metals

The non-ferrous metal sectors in Malaysia cover products like tin, aluminium, copper, zinc, and lead. The main players however are companies in the aluminium industries sector which produce aluminium sheets/foils, aluminium finstock, aluminium ingots (recycled), aluminium rods and aluminium extruded profiles, and the copper related companies which produce copper rods/wires, copper strips, copper tubes/extrusions and tin metal. There are currently 285 projects in the non-ferrous metal sectors with total employment of 24,710 workers.

The non-ferrous metal industries provide linkages mainly in the construction industry, electrical/electronic industry, automotive industry, food and packaging industry.

Under IMP3 Strategic Thrusts

The Third Industrial Master Plan 2006-2020 (IMP3) had identified six strategic thrusts to further enhance the development of the iron & steel industry:

(a) Enhancing the competitiveness of the iron & steel industry to support the growth of the manufacturing and struction sectors.
(b) Sustaining and expanding the exports of iron & steel products for existing and new markets.
(c) Promoting new applications of steel in selected industries.
(d) Encouraging collaborations between producers and users of steel, and upstream and downstream manufacturers.
(e) Attracting new investments in niche areas in the iron & steel industry.
(f) Developing a skilled and qualified workforce for the iron & steel industry.

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