23 February 2018 - Pahang, A Big State with Big Opportunities for Investors
  1. More The East Coast Railway Line (ECRL) project, Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park (MCKIP), Kuantan Port expansion and Tanjong Agas Oil & Gas and Logistic Industrial Park lend an air of optimism for the state of Pahang that sets to woo investments from both foreign and local investors into the state
12 February 2018 - Orgkhim’s Johor plant to be the First Producer of Carcinogen-Free Rubber Process Oils (RPOs) in Malaysia
  1. More Norman Process Oils Malaysia Plant Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Orgkhim Biochemical Holding from Russia is building a USD50 million (RM200 million) facility at Tanjung Langsat, Pasir Gudang to manufacture petroleum-based extender oils used in tires, synthetic rubbers and rubber compounds
08 February 2018 - Kelantan Attracts Rm6.48 Billion Of Approved Investments As At September 2017
  1. More Kelantan is one of Malaysia’s vibrant destinations for investments, driven mainly in the services and agriculture sectors
25 January 2018 - Over 150,000 Jobs Created from 1,142 Manufacturing Projects Implemented in Kedah
  1. More Kedah is one of the oldest states in Malaysia and has captivating history behind it. In fact, there is more to this ‘Rice Bowl State’ than just paddy fields. In term of investments, there are 1,142 manufacturing projects implemented in Kedah with total investments of RM51.28 billion as at December 2016. These projects have created over 150,000 job opportunities for the state.
22 January 2018 - MIDA Deepens Its Engagement With The Indian Business Community
  1. More Indian Entrepreneurs Urged to Leverage on Programmes & Facilities Provided by the Government
12 January 2018 - MIDA Expands Efforts in Providing In-depth Opportunities in Every State
  1. More The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) expands efforts in providing in-depth opportunities in every state this year through its Special Briefing Session series. The first briefing session, ‘An Update on Investment Opportunities in Perlis’ was held today at the MIDA HQ.
15 December 2017 - Approved Investments Totalled Rm113.5 Billion In Jan-Sept 2017
  1. More Local Companies Continue to Spearhead Investment Activities in Malaysia
08 December 2017 - Monash University Malaysia Launches MIDA-Approved R&D Status Company
  1. More University Industry Collaboration: A Catalyst in Powering an Innovation Economy’.
07 December 2017 - MIDA Engages More Than 200 Industry Players In Sabah
  1. More Companies to Leverage on Facilities Provided, Particularly in Industry 4.0 Ventures
30 November 2017 - Intensifying Engagements Through The SME Investment Desk
  1. More MIDA Nurtures Global Champions among Local Companies
30 November 2017 - MIDA Teams Up with Nikkei for Inaugural Malaysia Business Forum
  1. More The New Era of ASEAN – Malaysia, the Asian Business Hub
29 November 2017 - MIDA Welcomes Rollout of Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 Maiden Fan Case
  1. More UMW Aerospace is now the Tier 1 supplier for Rolls Royce to manufacture aircraft parts in the region
23 November 2017 - Opening of World’s Most Advanced LED Chip Facility in Malaysia
  1. More OSRAM Opto Semiconductor Continues to Expand, Additional 1,480 Job Opportunities
22 November 2017 - MIDA Connects MNCs and SMEs In East Malaysia Towards A Stronger Supply Chain In The Region
  1. More The strong presence of many multinational corporations (MNCs) and large local corporations (LLCs) located here, and the very fact a few big names such as OCIM, X-Fab, Huchems Fine Chemical, LONGi, Press Metal, Cahya Mata Sarawak and Shin Yang Industries have made significant investments in Sarawak hold much promise for business collaboration and opportunities within this region
21 November 2017 - Announcement : Application for the Extension of 'Surat Pengesahan MIDA (SPM)
  1. More Starting 15th November 2017, company may apply for the extension of 'Surat Pengesahan MIDA' (SPM1 & SPM2) online.
16 November 2017 - Think IoT to Stay Ahead
  1. More “I encourage more local companies, SMEs and start-up technopreneurs to explore the adoption and implementation of IoT as a means to add value in their products and services as well as to increase productivity and efficiency towards scaling up their businesses,” said the Minister of MITI .
15 November 2017 - MITI, MIDA and CIDB Launch IBS & Building Materials Supply Chain 2017/2018 Directory
  1. More Directory to profile over 4,000 companies and relevant stakeholders in Malaysia
09 November 2017 - Utilise All Facilities Available to Sustain Competitiveness, Says MITI Minister II
  1. More “MITI, MIDA and our other agencies have been doing many outreach programmes, especially towards building the capabilities of our local industry players and small & medium-sized companies (SMEs).However, there is still a lack of awareness among the business community in the facilities and support provided by the Government. There are really many platforms that all of you can take advantage of,” said YB Minister II during the National Investment Seminar 2017 organised by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) today at the Intercontinental Hotel.
09 November 2017 - MIDA is launching the sale of e-Stats Digest (January – June 2017)
  1. More Be an industry insider, purchase online now!
07 November 2017 - Announcement : Exemption from Withholding Tax for Services rendered and performed outside Malaysia
  1. More Effective 6 September 2017, the Government through the Income Tax (Exemption) (No.9) Order 2017 (P.U. (A) 323) dated 23 October 2017, exempts non-resident person from payment of income tax in respect of income from services which are rendered and performed by the person outside Malaysia.
06 November 2017 - Opening of Atlas Copco’s Compressor Technique Service 1st South East Asia Training Academy
  1. More Swedish industrial company, Atlas Copco unveiled its 1st Southeast Asia Training Academy in Kuala Lumpur today.
02 November 2017 - ​Malaysia Continues to Attract Japanese Investors
  1. More This event brought together stakeholders from both countries to discuss on current issues relating to doing business in Malaysia. At the dialogue, issues discussed include procedures and regulations on trade and investment, as well as Malaysia’s recent review of its foreign exchange policies. This initiative is among MIDA’s on-going efforts to promote Japanese investment into Malaysia.
30 October 2017 - MIDA’S National Supply Chain Conference Connects 1,000 MNCs & SMEs
  1. More Creating Opportunities & Building Sustainable Linkages in Catalytic Areas
26 October 2017 - Announcement on ICA Public Online Consultation: Review of Industrial Co-ordination Act (ICA) 1975
  1. More MITI is currently reviewing the Industrial Coordination Act (ICA), 1975 and is in the midst of conducting their third online public consultation starting from 24 October 2017 until 11 November 2017. Members of the public are invited to participate in this ICA online consultation process.
25 October 2017 - MIDA & SMiTA Join Hands to Help SMEs Go Global
  1. More Encourages SMEs to Venture into Peru & Chile at the Biz Connect Day
19 October 2017 - 1H2017 Approved Investments Totalled RM65.4 Billion
  1. More Malaysia’s Broad-Based Economic Structure Will Continue to Appeal to Investors
19 October 2017 - IBCM 2017: Catalysing an Innovative Biomass Economy
  1. More Towards an Innovation-led Bio-based Economy
13 October 2017 - MIDA to Hold Business Opportunities Workshop at Qatar-Malaysia Economic Forum Expects To Gather More Than 300 Malaysian & Qatari Industry Leaders
  1. More “As the Qatari delegation will involve about 70 business representatives, MIDA is taking the opportunity to conduct a workshop to cultivate a deeper understanding and generate wider awareness on the exciting investment opportunities in Malaysia. Through this engagement, we look forward to more strategic partnerships formed between the business communities from Malaysia and Qatar,” said Dato’ Azman Mahmud, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA).
11 October 2017 - IBCM 2017: Malaysia’s Rise as an Innovative Biomass Economy
  1. More New Biomass Economy based on Waste to Wealth, incorporating New Circular Economy Models, Digital Agriculture with intense economic, sustainability and Rural Development agenda
10 October 2017 - Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre
  1. More The Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) is the country’s largest exhibition centre with over 45,000 sqm of gross exhibition space. The first component and flagship of KL Metropolis, a city within a city where trade, commerce, living and transport converge over 75.5 acres of prime land development, MITEC is poised to be the first exhibition venue of choice in the Southeast Asia region.
02 October 2017 - MIDA & MSPC Organise Asia Pacific Digital Technology Symposium
  1. More Successful First Gathering of Global Giants in Digital Trade
18 September 2017 - Broadcom Chooses Malaysia for New Global Distribution Warehouse
  1. More Adds 300 Jobs for Malaysians, Strong Boost to Logistics and E&E Industry
18 September 2017 - MIDA Ramps Up Efforts To Engage With Stakeholders At Open Day
  1. More Connecting People to Jobs and Businesses to Opportunities
14 September 2017 - Enhance Capabilities & Competitiveness MIDA
  1. More Urges Industry Players in the Northern Region to Leverage on Facilities Provided by the Government
07 September 2017 - MIDA Open Day 2017 Sets To Attract Over 5,000 Participants
  1. More Benefitting job seekers, industry players and the general public
06 September 2017 - MIDA Expects Many More MNCs to Populate TRX
  1. More KL’s international financial district presents significant opportunities to international business community
23 August 2017 - MIDA-UNMC Conference Facilitates Increased Industry-Academia Collaboration
  1. More This two-day conference was built upon the key focus areas from the 11th Malaysian Education Blueprint, namely research, development, commercialisation and innovation. The conference also strived to combine key areas of the Malaysian Government’s initiative, known as the Malaysian Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems, the Internet of things, cloud computing and cognitive computing. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called smart industrial systems.
22 August 2017 - IKEA to Establish Regional Distribution and Supply Chain Centre for ASEAN in Malaysia
  1. More IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer headquartered in the Netherlands, has made a strategic decision to establish its Regional Distribution and Supply Chain Centre for ASEAN in Malaysia.
17 August 2017 - MIDA Engages MNCs and SMEs In Southern Region to Further Promote Sustainable Business Linkages
  1. More "Given the increased flow of foreign direct investments in recent years, there are now more opportunities than before for SMEs to venture into,” said Datuk Rajendran
14 August 2017 - Bavaria and MIDA Will Be Launching A Series Of Industry 4.0 Workshops With German Industry Experts
  1. More The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) together with Bavaria International (Germany) and TAPiO Management Advisory as well as Invest Selangor, Johor State Investment Centre (JSIC) and Invest Penang is launching a series of Industry 4.0 workshops in Selangor, Johor and Penang this month.
10 August 2017 - MIDA’s Effort Gaining Traction - Konica Minolta Leading Japanese Industries to Implement Industry 4.0 in Malaysia
  1. More The company’s initiative of developing SIC Melaka is laudable as it will provide a platform for KMMY’s vendors, especially our Malaysian companies to embrace smart manufacturing. Through this establishment, local vendors stand to benefit via access to technical expertise as well as opportunity for technical collaboration with KMMY.
10 August 2017 - Investors to Reap The Benefits of Asean Ecosystem
  1. More ASEAN provides an effective platform for investors to utilise and maximise its value chain. The varying levels of economic development in ASEAN coupled with each country’s industry specialisation allow greater complementation among local and multinational companies (MNCs) and locational complementation between member countries. Market-seeking and efficiency-seeking foreign direct investments (FDIs) may leverage on these complementation and increase their involvement in the regional supply chain.
08 August 2017 - Infineon’s Block 8 Gearing Malaysia Towards Industry 4.0
  1. More Creates 600 New Job Opportunities for Local Vendors and Suppliers
02 August 2017 - Medical Device Manufacturers Procure Over 60% of Raw Materials and Services Locally
  1. More The AMMI Medical Device Industry Outlook Report 2017 highlighted that AMMI recorded an outstanding value-added ratio of 57% in manufacturing medical devices in Malaysia. Equally impressive is the fact that some RM2.84 billion or 63% worth of raw materials and services were locally sourced from within the country.
24 July 2017 - MIDA Holds Supply Chain Conference In Northern Region
  1. More Boosting Strategic Partnerships Between MNCs & SMEs
14 July 2017 - Japanese Firm Roland Expands Its Operations
  1. More Establishes a Principal Hub in Port Klang
13 July 2017 - Strong Performance in Malaysia Prompts Endress+Hauser to Expand and Launch New Customer Service and Training Facility in Malaysia
  1. More Swiss-based, Endress+Hauser has invested 4.5 million euros (RM 22.06 million) in a new customer service and training facility in Shah Alam in tandem with its strong performance over the company’s history in Malaysia.
23 May 2017 - MIDA & MPMA Jointly Collaborates on the 8th MPMA International Plastics Conference 2017 Shaping Plastics Industry Players to be Future-ready
  1. More “The plastics and plastic products industry is a dynamic and vibrant growth sector within the Malaysian manufacturing sector. Over the years, the plastics industry has been supporting the growth of related sectors as well as contributing to the emergence of new markets throughout the value chain. Given the encouraging trends in the plastics industry, companies here can seize the growing opportunities by improving its competitiveness in terms of product development, manufacturing processes and business models. With the established industry ecosystem in Malaysia, it would be beneficial for companies to leverage on Malaysia’s excellent competitive advantages and further develop their capabilities,” said the second Minister of International Trade and Industry.
22 May 2017 - More than 150 SMEs from the East Coast Region to Benefit as MIDA’s Regional Supply Chain Conference Series Kicks Off in Pahang
  1. More The conference is one of MIDA’s on-going initiatives to further stimulate domestic economic activities and create a robust environment for businesses to thrive.
11 May 2017 - BMW Group Malaysia Officially Opens New BMW Group Regional Parts Distribution Centre in Malaysia.
  1. More Premium automaker strengthens investments in the country with state-of-the-art logistics warehouse and parts distribution centre in Senai Johor, supporting 23 countries in the region
11 May 2017 - Timely to Grow Local Businesses by Listing on Bursa Malaysia
  1. More Themed ‘Grow Your Business, List on Bursa’, the half-day forum serves as a platform for companies to obtain insights on the benefits, processes and procedures involved in creating a successful initial public offering (IPO).
27 April 2017 - Outsourcing Malaysia Launches Southern Office In Iskandar Malaysia
  1. More Establishment of Office in Support of Iskandar Puteri’s Positioning as Business Service Hub for the Global Business Services Industry
25 April 2017 - Talent Development, Key to Malaysia’s Venture Into Industry 4.0
  1. More Malaysia has a strong manufacturing base. However, to stay competitive, our companies have no choice but to embrace intelligent production and include more Industry 4.0 elements into their operations. While we emphasise on the need to adopt new technologies and processes, the success of any industry relies heavily on human capital.
25 April 2017 - MIDA Brings 11 Malaysian Tech Startups to Showcase Their Technologies at SEMICON SEA 2017
  1. More Malaysia has achieved significant progress in the electrical & electronics (E&E) industry over the last decade that had resulted in the growth of new businesses and creation of jobs. Last year, a total of 107 E&E projects were approved with investments of RM9.24 billion.
06 April 2017 - MIDA Inks MoU With Segi University
  1. More To Grow Industry-Ready Talent Pool
05 April 2017 - MIDA Celebrates 50th Anniversary
  1. More Five Decades of Transforming the Nation
30 March 2017 - Local Investors Urged to Intensify Development on Technology to Remain Competitive
  1. More “The Government will continue to support the growth of domestic companies including the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in increasing their competencies and capabilities through the available programmes and facilities. We hope to see more local players, especially the SMEs to emulate Germany’s Mittelstand or even the mid-sized companies in Japan and Korea, that have found much success in spearheading the economic growth in their respective countries,” added the YB Datuk Ahmad Maslan.
21 March 2017 - UMW Land-MIDA MoU Inked to Boost High Value Manufacturing Investments
  1. More Premier UMW Park in Serendah Enhances Malaysia’s Business Ecosystem
16 March 2017 - MIDA-CIDB Hold Building Materials Supply Chain Conference
  1. More Promotes Usage of Local Content
16 March 2017 - Singapore’s ITE Education Services Partners Malaysian Investment Development Authority on Training of TVET Master Trainers
  1. More Temasek Foundation International commits S$203,939 in funding of new Capacity Development Programme in CNC Machining
14 March 2017 - Malaysia, Well Positioned to Attract More Solar Investments
  1. More MIDA approved RM2.42 billion solar investments in 2016
13 March 2017 - Malaysia Welcomes More German Investments In Smart Manufacturing
  1. More MITI Minister Engages in Dialogue with MGCC
09 March 2017 - Upgrading of Padang Besar Terminal to Boost Investments in Perlis
  1. More As the logistics industry forms the backbone of supply chains, the upgraded facility will act as an enabler towards providing a more effective service delivery and enhance the overall supply chain process. This will ultimately contribute towards elevating the operational efficiencies of the businesses in Perlis.
02 March 2017 - Malaysia Sustains Investment Growth Momentum
  1. More Approved Investments Worth RM207.9 billion in 2016
23 February 2017 - Continuous MITI/MIDA Engagements Accelerated French Sports Retail Giant's Successful Foray to Malaysia
  1. More Continuous MITI/MIDA Engagements Accelerated French Sports Retail Giant's Successful Foray to Malaysia
21 February 2017 - MIDA-AKC Holds Seminar On Smart Manufacturing
  1. More Encourages Adoption of Automation in Malaysia
06 February 2017 - MIDA is Celebrating Its 50 Years Anniversary
  1. More MIDA has launched its 50th Anniversary logo
13 January 2017 - Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company Signs MOU with Soft Space Sdn Bhd
  1. More Agreement of business partnership regarding payment solutions in ASEAN and Japan market between Soft Space Sdn. Bhd. and Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company
12 January 2017 - Smart Manufacturing, The Way Forward for Malaysia
  1. More MIDA Signs MoU with Rockwell Automation
15 December 2016 - SMEs to Benefit from Collaboration from More Than 25 MNCs
  1. More To date, more than 8,000 companies which include MNCs from over 40 countries have made Malaysia their offshore location for manufacturing and related services operation. These MNCs have contributed much to the development of our economy.
14 December 2016 - Total approved investments for Jan-Sept 2016 registers 3.7% lower due to global economic slowdown
  1. More Kuala Lumpur, 13 December 2016 – Malaysia recorded a total of RM150.8 billion worth of investments in the manufacturing, services and primary sectors for the first nine months of 2016. This was 3.7% lower than the RM156.6 billion approved in the same period last year. These investments involved 3,784 projects and will create 117,550 employment opportunities.
29 November 2016 - Solar PV, Hybrid Systems and Mini-Hydro – German Electricity & Technology Solutions for Rural Areas
  1. More German technology providers and experts in the field of decentralised, isolated and off-grid power generation through renewable energy gathered in Kuala Lumpur today to share their experiences and introduced their projects, solutions and technical expertise in the area to the local industry players.
28 November 2016 - Existing Japanese Companies In Malaysia Continue To Reinvest
  1. More For the third year in a row, this event brought together stakeholders from both countries to discuss on current issues relating to doing business in Malaysia. At the dialogue, issues discussed include procedures and regulations on trade and investment, as well as Malaysia’s current status of the negotiations on free trade agreements.
16 November 2016 - MIDA Strengthens Cooperation with Jetro
  1. More Further Enhances Japan’s Position as Top Foreign Investor in Malaysia
08 November 2016 - Industry Leaders Converge at Malaysia’s Maiden Global Graphene Conference
  1. More The national investment promotion agency under MITI, MIDA supports the National Graphene Action Plan 2020 and is engaged in providing the guidance and support to NanoMalaysia, especially infacilitating companies to look into the business potential of graphene. To date, 50 companies have been working closely with MIDA and NanoMalaysia to explore the applications of graphene as a product enhancer in their respective sectors. MIDA offers R&D incentive programmes that can be enjoyed by manufacturers with in-house R&D facility or research service providers.
26 October 2016 - Roche Expands Footprint In Malaysia with The Opening of Global Shared Service Centre for Asia Pacific Region in Sunway
  1. More • Roche Services (ASIA PACIFIC) Sdn. Bhd. will provide Finance and Procurement services to 15 Roche affiliates across the Asia Pacific region. • Over 200 positions to be created for qualified professionals to work in an environment offering development opportunities across the Roche group.
14 October 2016 - Malaysia Views Africa with Optimism
  1. More With a population size of more than 1 billion people, we view African countries with optimism and as places of opportunities for potential collaboration in areas of mutual interest and benefit.
11 October 2016 - International Biomass Conference Malaysia
  1. More Connecting to the Global Biomass Ecosystem - Biomass is one of the priority areas for development that could serve as a high value economic driver for Malaysia’s economy in the near future.
06 October 2016 - Malaysia’s Business Landscape Continues to Thrive
  1. More “Through the face-to-face engagement today, I am delighted to share that the companies that we met during the Dialogue Session have expressed their commitment to expand and diversify their operations in the near future.
06 October 2016 - Implementation of Online Submission for The Application of Import Duty Exemption on Machinery & Equipment and Raw Materials & Components
  1. More All applications for import duty exemption which involve PC1, PC Services, PC2, PC2A, PC2-1, SPM1 and SPM2 need to be submitted online effective 1 November 2016.
26 September 2016 - Malaysian Manufacturers to Enhance Operational Efficiency, Adopt Appropriate Technologies and Explore New Markets
  1. More The plastic products industry assumes an important role in the development of the Malaysian economy. Between 2013 to June 2016, the plastics industry saw a total approved investments of RM2.91 billion in 163 projects. These investments have created 12,500 job opportunities. With more than 1,500 companies in operation today, Malaysia is among the ASEAN region’s top plastic export nation. In 2015, export of plastic products saw an increase of 8.5% to RM13 billion from RM11.9 billion in 2014. The primary export destinations include Europe, China, Singapore, Japan and Thailand.
22 September 2016 - RM88.4 Billion Worth of Investments Approved In 1H2016
  1. More “With our strong fundamentals, Malaysia remains on a steady economic growth path. We continue to attract foreign direct investments (FDI). A total of RM28.2 billion of FDI was approved in 1H2016. Our approved foreign investments for 1H2016 have already reached 78.2% of the total foreign investments approved for the whole of last year,” said the Minister of International Trade and Industry, YB Dato' Sri Mustapa Mohamed, today.
20 September 2016 - Malaysia Remains Competitive, Companies Continue to Invest, Says MITI Minister
  1. More "Despite the challenging economic environment, investors particularly those who are already here continue to invest, expand and diversify their projects in the country"
01 September 2016 - KAJ Development Sdn Bhd Signs RM30 Billion Agreement with Powerchina International for Investment, Development and Construction of Melaka Gateway
  1. More "This agreement is another reflection of the confidence by investors in the strong fundamentals of Malaysia’s diversified economy. It is my hope that it will further encourage more investors to look at Melaka as their profitable investment destination” - YB Dato’ Sri Mustapa
24 August 2016 - Universities & Companies to Reap the Benefits of Available Research Funding Opportunities
  1. More The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (UNMC) held its inaugural international research conference titled “Funding Research on a Changing Landscape” on 24th and 25th August 2016. This conference was organised as a joint collaboration with the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA). The conference highlighted prominent research funding opportunities and featured critical topics dedicated to explore new opportunities and support from the various funding bodies.
09 August 2016 - New Incentives to Boost The Shipbuilding and Ship Repairing Industry
  1. More YB Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamed said, “I strongly urge both local and foreign investors to capitalise on these new incentives. Despite the sluggish momentum in the offshore oil and gas industry which have suppressed demand for ships and offshore structures, Malaysia has the pull factor to become the leading nation in the shipbuilding and ship repairing industry. The country is the right choice to invest in as it has a promising future based on its strategic location, competitive cost, skilled and talented workforce, advanced infrastructure and extensive trade agreement regionally and globally”.
05 August 2016 - MIDA and CIDB Sign MoU to Boost Productivity and Sustainability in The Manufacturing, Services and The Construction Sectors
  1. More The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) and the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia entered a momentous partnership today with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to boost productivity and sustainability practices for investment in the manufacturing, services and construction sectors.
01 August 2016 - Gearing Up for SEW-Eurodrive’s Largest Factory - Another Quality Investment for Malaysia, says MIDA CEO
  1. More SEW-Eurodrive Sdn Bhd, a local subsidiary of the SEW-Eurodrive Group is expanding its operations in Malaysia with a new Drive Technology Centre in Frontier Industrial Park’s “Frontier 2”, Ulu Tiram.
22 July 2016 - Malaysia Recorded Outstanding Value-Added Ratio In Manufacturing Medical Devices, Export Growth to Reach RM17 Billion In 2016
  1. More The AMMI Medical Device Industry Outlook Report 2016 estimates that this year's export outlook for the medical device industry is expected to reach RM17.8 billion, a 15% growth in total exports from last year.
18 July 2016 - Super Group Establishes Principal Hub in Johor Continues to Create Value for Malaysia
  1. More Having been in Malaysia since 1998, Super Group – a leading regional integrated instant food and beverage manufacturer from Singapore, continues to add momentum to the building of a world-class business environment in Malaysia. This Forbes ‘Asia’s Top 200 Best under a Billion’ company announced its establishment of a Principal Hub (PH) in Johor today.
17 June 2016 - Q1 2016 Approved Investments Totalled RM37.3 Billion - Domestic Investments Dominate, FDI Increase
  1. More In the first quarter (Q1) of 2016, Malaysia recorded RM37.3 billion of approved investments in the services, manufacturing and primary sectors. These investments involved 1,271 projects and will create 39,990 employment opportunities.
02 June 2016 - MIDA Collaborates With UM & UTEM to Embark On A Study On Future Manufacturing
  1. More Malaysia is moving to keep pace with the rapid and radical changes in the manufacturing industry, with the launching of a study on ‘Future of Manufacturing in Malaysia’. The study is a collaboration between the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the University of Malaya and the Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka.
01 June 2016 - MIDA Hosts Medical Device Supply Chain Programme for Abbott, KLS Martin & a.p.s Medical
  1. More A Reflection of Confidence on Malaysia’s Capabilities - Malaysia has developed a comprehensive local supply chain that consists of both global and local industry players.
26 May 2016 - Less Developed Area Incentive, A Boon for Investments In Perlis
  1. More Investors should take advantage of the incentive for Less Developed Area (LDA), which was introduced by the Government last year. This incentive was designed to assist states that received lower investments compared with more developed states.
16 May 2016 - Infineon Fab 2 at Kulim High Tech Park showcases confidence of foreign investors in Malaysia
  1. More YB Dato’ Sri Mustapa Mohamed officially opened Infineon's second wafer fabrication facility at the Kulim High Tech Park with a total investment of RM4 billion. Infineon Kulim Fab 2 is expected to create 1,000 new job opportunities, of which many are high income jobs and requires highly skilled personnel.
04 May 2016 - MIDA Partners with ICBC to Produce Promotional Materials In Mandarin
  1. More The Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), that will serve their mutual interests in fostering closer Malaysia-China economic ties. Under the MoU, ICBC will support the production of the Mandarin version of MIDA’s investment promotional video and selected publications.
03 May 2016 - Leverage on Malaysia as Gateway to Asean Market And Beyond, Says MITI Minister II
  1. More Malaysia today continued the momentum of promoting ASEAN integration with the launching of the ASEAN Service Providers Confederation (ASPC) by YB Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Chuan, Minister of International Trade and Industry II at the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)HQ.
26 April 2016 - Local E&E Players Need to Upgrade Facilities & Processes to Remain Competitive In The Global Supply Chain
  1. More For the Malaysian E&E industry to be more competitive, local industry players have no option but to upgrade their facilities and embrace automation and smart manufacturing such as the Internet of Things (IoT).
22 April 2016 - JCY Establishes Principal Hub In Johor - First Public Listed Malaysian Company to Join the Scheme
  1. More JCY Group, one of the largest Hard Disk Drive (HDD) mechanical components manufacturers in the world, today announced its establishment of a Principal Hub (PH) in Johor. The PH establishment will function as the Global Procurement Centre for the Group.
17 April 2016 - 81.4% Manufacturing Projects In Johor Successfully Implemented
  1. More Close collaboration between agencies of the federal government and the Johor state government has helped create almost 88,000 jobs in the state over the last five years.






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