Meet Malaysia: Investment Opportunities in Asia's Oil and Gas Hub

Malaysia's mature but rapidly growing oil and gas sector has turned it into a regional O&G hub.

Meet Malaysia 

One of the fastest growing economies in the Asia Pacific region, Malaysia's flourishing O&G sector has created robust market opportunities for businesses in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

With its market-oriented economy and pro-business government policies, Malaysia aims to grow its aggregate production capacity of oil, gas and energy by five per cent per annum between 2010 to 2020. Most of this growth wll come from enhancing the output of its existing o&G fields as well as new marginal fields. The country will also enhance the exploration and development of deepwater areas.

These measures are being complemented by a steady supply of skilled O&G professionals, making Malaysia a compelling investment destination and creating long-term growth opportunities within Asia's O&G industry.


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Last Updated : Tuesday 14th August 2018