Date: Sunday 20-Apr-14

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7. Sales Tax

Sales tax is a single stage tax imposed at the import or manufacturing levels. In Malaysia, manufacturers of taxable goods are required to be licensed under the Sales Tax Act 1972. Companies with a sales turnover of less than RM100,000 and companies with Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse(LMW) status are exempted from this licensing requirement. However, companies with a sales turnover of less than RM100,000 have to apply for a certificate of exemption from licensing.

Licensed manufacturers are taxed on their output while manufacturers that are not licensed or exempted from licensing need to pay tax on their inputs. To relieve small-scale manufacturers from paying sales tax upfront on their inputs, they can opt to be licensed under the Sales Tax Act 1972 in order to purchase tax-free inputs. With this, small-scale manufacturers can opt to pay sales tax only on their finished products.

Sales tax is generally at 10%. However, raw materials and machinery for use in the manufacture of taxable goods are eligible for exemption from the tax, while inputs for selected non-taxable products are also exempted.

Certain non-essential foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco/cigarettes and building materials are taxed at 5%, general goods at 10%, compounds for making beverages at 20% and certain petroleum products and motor oil are taxed at individual specific rates. Certain primary commodities, basic foodstuffs, basic building materials, certain agricultural implements and heavy machinery for use in the construction industry are exempted. Certain tourism and sports goods, books, newspapers and reading materials are also exempted.

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