Date: Monday 21-Apr-14

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9. Import Duty

In Malaysia, import duty is mostly imposed ad valorem although some specific duties are imposed on a number of items. Nevertheless, in line with trade liberalisation, import duties on a wide range of raw materials, components and machinery have been abolished, reduced or exempted.

Furthermore, Malaysia is committed to the ASEAN Common Effective Preferential Tariffs (CEPT) scheme under which all industrial goods traded within ASEAN are imposed import duties of 0% to 5%.

Malaysia continues to participate in negotiations of free trade arrangements in areas of trade in goods, rules of origin, and investments. To date, Malaysia has concluded bilateral free trade agreement with Japan, Paksitan, New Zealand and India and the regional agreements under ASEAN with China, Japan, Korea, Australia/New Zealand and India. Import duties between FTA partners are subject to specific reduction and elimination schedules under these agreements.

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